About Us

What we do

Dision HR Consult is registered as DISION MANAGEMENT CONSULT with the Registrar General's Department.

Our goal is to be the best HR Management consultancy firm in Africa and with mission of guiding the next generation in making right choices in their chosen field of work.

We seek to address corporate challenges in management, through critically analyzing it challenge with the requisite tools, providing necessary Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the achievement of the desired result. We also direct young generations confused in career path.

Business Universities, Technical Universities, Teacher training colleges, Polytechnics, Secondary schools and other institutions are our target groups for the career management. Whiles private and public corporations are our target group for the Human Resource Services, Leadership and Governance.

We ensure to feed the job market with experts, continuously directing generations on career path and shaping employees.

Our best strategy employed in other to achieve competitive advantage is differentiation strategy and we expect that by Twenty Twenty-Three, (2023) the business must be number (1) HR and Corporate Governance expert in Ghana.

Our Mission & Vision


To guide the next generation on career path and help corporations in making Management decisions. Our mission is to make sure next generations make right choices in their career path and as well make sure organizations are aided in making choices in Directing, Organizing, Controlling to maximize their returns on investment in a competitive global environment.


To provide dynamic, quality service in Management Consultancy and to be the best choice in Career Management, HR Management, Leadership and Governance consult in Africa. This vision is catapulted with our five (5) years strategic plan to achieve it by 2023.

Our Objectives

Our Core Values

We are known by these five (5) core values:

target Delivery:

We design our program to ensure that our target groups are provided with the right information at the right time in the right environment. We give appropriate information to target groups that will enhance their capacity in their career development and management of corporate organizations. Example, when facilitating training for adult, we use experiential learning model in delivery.

Value creation:

We ensure total fullfilment of agreement; client satisfaction to the fullness.


We are known by our dynamic approaches to problem solving and strategic development.


Morality, loyalty, transparency in accountability and service delivery are part of us. We ensure to eschew ourselves from deceit and protect our client data.


We believe motivated people goes beyond their limitation. Therefore, we encourage team spirit which build individuals and reward people who strive to achieve uniqueness.

Our C.E.O

Profile of our C.E.O

David Nartey Taylor

David Nartey Taylor is the C.E.O. of Dision Management Consult. He is an HR Practitioner with twelve (12) years working experience in the Human Resource Practice and still practicing in both private and public sectors.  He holds MBA in Corporate Governance, MA in Pentecostal Studies, BBA Human Resource Management, and a Diploma in HR Management. He is also an Associate member of the IHRMP- Ghana.

David is an expert well versed in training others, developing and implememnting Human Resource strategies, preparing job descriptions, laws such as Labour Law Act 651 (2003) of Ghana and other international labour laws & Ghana’s data protection law, designing & improving performance management systems, among others.